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Budget-Friendly Interior Design Tips for your New Home

Designing the interior of your new home can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. There is a seemingly endless array of options for colours, surfaces and finishes, but you don’t have an infinite budget. How do you make design decisions that are beautiful, yet practical?

Saving for a new home? Advice from a finance expert

From a financial standpoint, the new year is a fitting time to “get your house in order” and take a big-picture view. Do you have an ambitious idea for the year ahead? Maybe you are saving for a new home or dreaming of an elaborate vacation. Either way, it will require some thoughtful planning.

Holiday Edition: 7 Family-Friendly Activities in the Edmonton Area

Let the lights twinkle and the sleigh bells jingle! This holiday season, you’ll find a variety of family-friendly events in the Greater Edmonton Area. From stunning illuminated displays to quiet winter walks, there’s something for everyone. Along with making wonderful holiday memories, you’ll also be helping local charities and worthwhile initiatives. 

6 Benefits of Selling your Home in the Winter

Is your current home feeling old and tired? Is it time for a fresh start? Maybe you’re craving a blank slate of a brand-new build, with a variety of modern, high-tech features. Or, you’re envisioning your family in a beautifully new designed neighbourhood with attractive playgrounds, parks and trails. 

FALL Showhome Events

This fall, we are hosting multiple family-friendly events to proudly introduce you to four of our beautiful communities. We kick off September at SummerWood in Sherwood Park, then continue the festivities in October with Ruisseau in Beaumont, Easton in Spruce Grove, and Sienna in Fort Saskatchewan.

6 Reasons Why You Should Call Forest Ridge Home

Allow us to introduce Forest Ridge – a naturally beautiful community in the city of Fort Saskatchewan, just 10 minutes northeast of Edmonton. Take a drive out – you can walk through the interpretive forest down the river, stop by the new playground for a quick swing or visit the Showhomes.

7 Fun (and Educational) Summer Activities With Kids

As another school year comes to an end, it’s a great time to plan a fun day out with the family. You’ll want something original and exciting that will engage the kids’ interest (and your own). If it has some extra educational value on the side, that’s also a bonus!

10 Simple Tips for “Greener” Living

We all care about our planet, and there are a variety of things we can do around the house to embrace a “greener” lifestyle. In honour of Earth Day, here are some simple but meaningful changes that will make a difference to our planet’s health.

Explore Our Surrounding South Communities

If you’re looking for a quieter location that is still within reach of the city, consider one of our three inviting communities to the south of Edmonton. You might be right at home in the charming surroundings of Ruisseau (in Beaumont), the peaceful setting of Meadowview (in Leduc) or the tree-lined landscape of South Ravines and Ravines of Devon.

How To Organize Your Home For 2022

As the new year begins, It’s a great time to take stock, reduce clutter and say goodbye to items you no longer need. Here are some simple organization tips for the rooms in your home.

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